Thursday, 27 May 2010

scene of the crime

*cough* it's totally not necessary to share details cause nobody's interested in old Punky grrls who drink too much when they're already ripped, then think it a great idea to fall on their asses on their way to The Crime on the street for the attention, then lie there for the attention, taking photos.

nb: we got away with it. ALL of it. :-) in other news, i'm shocked and mortified that Replay Ray took my name in vain (in the wordyness below the image). it's weird cause i was all

until i spotted my mention — TSK! moving right along, i tried to capture my purple hair; y'know, for the record. uh... FAIL but i did manage to snag that lunatic look i'm wearing more and more frequently these days.

ARRRGHHH! MY EYYYYYYES! *cough* OK, from my fave mail this week starring me and him (way at the end in italics) so first me and my big mouth:

I'm in ur Jobs Centre, stealin' yo' bandwidth. :-) that is, if 'ur' = Council taxpayers and 'bandwidth' = ... never mind, still a bit drunk from last night. *half-formed analogy dons boots, grabs stick, takes hike*

whooooah... I /am/ still drunk. still. let's move o-HIC! on. :-)

Hee. What'd you do last night?

[edited to say i didn't think it necessary to tell him that amidst the other night's festivities or whatever, laws were broken. many, many laws.]

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *