Thursday, 30 August 2007

as i was saying before i was so rudely interrupted

in all actuallity, i forget at the moment. i do remember writing quite an amusing draft yesterday before i went down. well, before my site went down. i think i remember copying txts sent to me from Dublin, mostly laden with Schadenfreude but at the moment, i totally don't remember, even though said txts are still in my phone.

i'm wittering for a change. BTW, i got 'wittering' *rolls eyes* from The Guitarplayer Who's Really Rock Freebase. but AFAIC, it's out of frustration as the instructions they offer here at Blogger are terribly confusing, way more difficult than my old Wordpress editor about which there was totally no learning curve. and notice the timestamp below; fuckin' typical. most of those Stateside don't even consider that others might run on a 24-hour clock and not this AM/PM bullshit. is this better than nothing? dunno yet, especially since i clicked 'yes' for a WYSIWYG editor but all i've gotten is a bullshit spell-check (which i've never used when offered w/ANYthing, not even word processing). as well, there's some ugly-ass icon for posting photos.

i'm gonna hit publish in a second or two and see if ANYTHING works and if not, trash this bit of moronacy and attempt to forget about more of my precious time wasted. in fact, i think i'll go get high; 'always a pleasure, never a chore', as someone in some Band recently told me about my own liddle self after i apologised for first crying my eyes out and then complaining my ass off to him. then i stood there dumbfounded and thought 'you're SO fulla shit, Mark' while Chris looked on w/malicious glee in his eyes (prolly thinking 'better him than me'). actually, i don't think Chris was even there, but he would've thought that, if he were. *snigger*

edit at 20,00: OMFG...amazingly to me, i just read the 'help' notes and learnt the WYSIWYG editor supports Firefox, the browser i'm in now, to which i switched immediately after i read. but it only does so in a halfass manner (i wrote all the above in Safari, cause i'd rather die than use IE --- another one of my many issues). but jesus h christ on a fucking rubber crutch, the needless code they included is enough to frighten anyone away and i'm no novice to code. i mean, WTF and WHY? and where the hell's that delete button so i can cross shit out? cause that's like half my posting style: crossing out the good bits... *sigh*

bah...gonna get REALLY high in a minute cause i'm so disgusted w/everyone and everything. oh, all apart from youuu-uuuu (you know who you are). *bats eyelashes and shows a bit of leg* why, thank you kind Sir. *hikes skirt up even higher* yes, i agree: i think my panties are rather fetching. and if you care to look a bit closer, you'll see that, no, i don't wear the same knickers every day; they're all subtle variations of the usual black lacey ones, although at first glance, they all look the same.

OK, before i forget, i'm so pleased to say that what Highlander called The International A3 Airlift Fund has succeeded with their first victim, i mean, first fan of the Band: Boots shall be leaving the hell of Indiana about a month from now to join us in our never-ending quest to be present at as many of the gigs on Alabama 3's latest tour as we're possibly able. and she'll be meeting the Band and (i believe) she and the Coat (amongst others) shall be staying at mine for at least the Bristol, Swansea and Cardiff legs of the MOR Tour. i can't say how pleased i am that we've finally succeeded at this; of all the people i've met thanks to the kindred spirits i've found via the Band, i feel she's the most deserving cause she was totally there, loving their music and attempting to keep track of them from just a bit after the beginning, way back when in '97 or '98.

as well, i totally owe her muchly for bringing down the tone of Free A3 (the unofficial Alabama 3 fan site) just under a year ago. rather, instead of bringing down the tone, i mean raising the bar for personal disclosure cause she posted 'He makes my nipples hard' about Rock Freebase. i almost fainted when i first read that shit cause in itself, it would've been a shocker coming from anyone else but coming from a grrl who keeps herself to herself, someone whom we've been reading on various A3 fan sites for like seven years or more, someone who's known for being discreet... anyway, coming from Boots, this totally amazed me cause i, myself, would never post anything that personal (although as everyone unfortunately knows, i'll post shit that discloses my innermost thoughts, no matter how inane and insane, including stuff about my incredibly huge intake and disgustingly high tolerance of all things extra-legal).

more shit i don't wanna forget: Happy Birthday Dragnim, The Dragnim and/or Mikey. oh, to be 31 again and maybe, just maybe get the chance to fuck your brains out. oops, did i just say that? anyway, it's really good that i'm old enough to be your mom cause if i were just a decade younger, there'd be big trouble (if 'trouble' means the best sex you'll never have). wittering again, sorry (not really).

as well, i'm totally upset since Chris rang me last night to say that thanks to his job, he just might be in the States long enough to miss the Cardiff gig. Chris dude! what am i to do w/o you? go to Wales by myself? surely you must be kidding... now if Delta Slide Boy wasn't indulging in the usual Yank-winding (as he so loves to do cause i fall for it every time --- at least i pretend to), there just might be another vehicle attached to his band and i'm so hoping this is true. it all came about when, during one of my endless bouts of whining to him, i whimpered about wishing there was more room on the tourbus (just for me). when i was nearly done sobbing (or pretending to --- you be the judge), he told me there might be a second vehicle to help haul their equipment. now, he didn't actually say that there'd be room for me but at this point in time, i'd be happy to be stashed away in the trunk (or 'boot' as they call it here).

moving right along, i'm about to get into the good stuff over here. no, i'm not meaning what's laid out on the mirror and calling me like the classic Siren, the other good stuff. for gossip value (if yer into that sorta thang), all i can say now is ... well, nothing really (although i'm dying to). *X-treme tease mode* i'm thinking that when all hope is lost and i'm about to leave this mortal coil or whatever, i'll give a multiple choice quiz; something like 'match the dude or grrl to his or her preferred extra-legal'. LOL, surprises abound! or not, depending upon whether or not one's been paying strict attention. naturally and out of all fairness, i shall step up and be the first to oblige and tell all about my tawdry, down 'n' dirty past and present.

and just out of spite, i think i'll make a list of chicks spurned by those members of the Band, and the lengths to which they've gone and AFAIC, lowered themselves in their desperate attempts to somehow transform their one or two night stands into full-blown relationships.

so this next is a public service announcement (w/o guitars): note to all chickpees (or as Boudicca calls them, 'Army of Groupies'): the 'nothing' y'all end up with is yer own stoopit faults for not believing the dudes w/whom you're about to engage in sexual whatevers, dudes who were totally upfront w/you, before youse, yourselves, decided to spend time w/them. from the little i know about chicks in general, some assume that what's told them is some kinda challenge, the silly girls. so don't bother looking at me all teary-eyed whenever i walk into whatever venue or end up chatting w/the dudes in question.

get a clue, you phoneys: all your nasty behaviours towards me, the horrible way you've treated me when you thought you were flying high w/whomever and had the absolute nerve to dis me to my face; all that shit's totally not been forgotten. so don't even try to make nice and be my friend and act all cute and shit towards me, after you've been dismissed by the objects of your unrealistic desires. cause all yer recent actions are so transparent, it's laughable to me and mine. it's so obvious you're just trying to get closer to whomever and we laugh and point in your general direction(s). i don't do 'being used' very well --- i mean, who does?

and that especially goes for the idiots who tell the Chosen Ones 'i love you' after knowing them for what? not even two days? believe me, we ridicule your moronacies and your idiotic assumptions. i mean, by the time i was like 10, i knew most dudes think w/their dicks and you're all supposedly adults (but i call youse 'cumbuckets' cause that's what you are). if you even thought, just for a second, that you had half a chance at a long-lasting relationship w/whomever, even when they honestly told youse there was no fuckin' way they'd wanna be w/you again as anything but friends, it's not my problem. so don't try to be all friendly after you've treated me like shit.

friends are forever. cumbuckets? maybe a night or two. so keep dreaming of those glorious hours when your dreams came true cause that's all you'll ever have. AFAIC, you've gotten what you deserve: less than nothing. and forevermore, you're like subject to our derision, but only at the infrequent times when we're bored and have nothing better to do than to laugh at idiots. i've spent more time writing about youse in this here post than we've all spent on you put together cause there are so many better, more interesting things to discuss. Punkt, Ende.