Wednesday, 29 April 2009

oooh, rainbows!

last week i was talking to ImTheQ, this way cool chick i met on Twitter; she told me she wanted to interview me for her site's Interesting Person Of The Week and though i told her i have the most boring life ever anymore, lo and behold she did — i fucking freaked when i saw she'd actually posted my interview on monday, sump'n i tossed off late sunday night whilst working after it stared me in the face for like two or three days until i felt too guilty to put it off any longer. *rolls eyes* i learnt about it on monday afternoon when she twat the announcement and added 'brace yourselves for this one'.

hey, don't blame me — i'd awreddy asked her 'Do you want lies with that?' twice before
and she totally ignored me so she got the entirely bad-to-the bone to-the-very-last-drop truth. anyway, i love it, so thank you, Q. oh wait... i guess i better say 'heed this warning' or whatever cause y'all better believe that just like Klan, i ain't gonna STFU about it as long as i draw breath. i've already added the link off to the R, under — duh! 'it's all about meeeeEEEEE!' so i can read it easily anytime i wanna, whenever i'm feeling down — *whispers* i've been reading it about 20x a day since monday but don't tell anyone, OK? best of all, i even managed to sneak in heroin. *proudtard*

as i said in the comment below, i wish she'd questioned me on certain other things, then whilst scanning through her IPOW archive, i could see that every other chick would've wondered what made her ask such bizarre questions whereas i would've taken it all in stride; questions like 'how many times have you been in jail? in prison?' and 'have you ever been to any sort of counsellor?' 'psychologist?' 'psychiatrist?' 'been prescribed any kind(s) of sleeping pills (Placidyls!)? of anti-depressant(s)?' (LOL, where to begin?) 'can you say with confidence you '..."Know your pharmaceuticals!"?' anyway, one of her questions was 'What is the most beautiful place you’ve ever been?'

to that shit, i went 'place in which i'm fortunate enough to be living now — my dream come true: England (where i saw more rainbows the first Summer i lived here than i'd seen in my lifetime in the States'.

that night, just like Magick, i got a number of brilliant photos and a Quicktime movie of these gorgeous rainbows that 'mah ni'-, i mean mah minion — shit! — i mean, my good friend Darren took that day (he's several_species on Twitter and lazybones on FreeA3). how does that shit go again? ask and ye shall receive? whatever, what freaked me out (after i sent my interview link out to all and sundry and to some more than once, naturally) was apart from Chris (IL ——>UK!) — who went 'w00t!' — it brought people out of the woodwork, some of whom i haven't seen in ages... *sigh*

i'm talking Seany Lynch (Dublin!), Electric Landlady (Nottingham!) and Alma Tender Love (Scotland!) and then there's people i haven't talked to like The Newswriter (USA! — here she is on Twitter), Logical John (Manchester!), Kiwi Tony (New Zealand!) and a number of others who got back to me in one way or the other and with whom i speak quite frequently like John from Mango Factory (LOL, Bristol!) and Euripidean (Manchester!).

i shall always be the crass, crude, shouty (and easily excitable) American cause i'm still way impressed that thanks to the Internets i know people living all over the world and when i meet em in meatspace, they become actual friends. *kisses the screen in a symbolic gesture* and being as flighty as i am, i'm amazed i'm still totally in love with it and after all this time, haven't cast it aside like a filthy old T-shirt worn daily for over a dozen years. *cough* *whispers* and i thank my godz i type like a motherfucker, cause that always helps. ;-)

moving right along, sending this shit out brought one of my fave people back into my life: Lee B (CA!), a lovely lady i ran into on a political site ages ago. thanks to things like time zones, she'd be getting ready for bed and work the night before and i'd be just waking up in the AMs but we used to meet on a daily basis over at Lukery's old place to mock bu$hCo.

anyway, we've been catching up since monday when we talked life and kitties (RIP Shadow) and she sent me photos of the beautiful Schatzie and Scooter and then went 'I just love the LOLCats. Hilarious. Did you see the one . . . "I cannot brain today. I have the dumb."...?' nope, i hadn't and Lee was at work so i twat an SOS (cause it sounded very familiar). within a few mintues, Moonshayde came to my rescue and sent:

thanks to everybody for the sweet things y'all said, all of which lifted me outta the usual funk — temporarily, but still. *cough* remember, '..."every little bit helps", said the old lady as she peed into the sea...'

in reverse post/meatspace order, big thanks and much love to Moonshayde, Lee B, Christine *snigger* (who's in New Zealand at the moment and kept me in stitches tonight), Euripidean, Mango Factory John, Kiwi Tony, Logical John, The Newswriter, Alma Tender Love, Electric Landlady, Seany Lynch, Chris, Darren and The Q. and now i'm gonna pass out cause i feel dizzy and been seepy but working for hours anyway. to top things off, i have to Go Out tomorrow and i'm already having my usual doubts, y'know... typical — 'Nothing ever changes...'

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Sunday, 26 April 2009

last night with Mango Factory

last night i actually went into The Outer World (thanks to Quentin Crisp for the term) and danced my ass off to Mango Factory, whose sax player, John (not trumpet dude like i mistakenly twat) drove over to bring me to the gig. hmmm... actually Graham, the trumpet player did collect me cause he was in the car as well, but whatever. anyway, i shall be talking more about this wondrous occasion ('wondrous' on many levels) later on — tomorrow — most probably, once i get my shit together. *mirthless laughter* uh... i'd appreciate if y'all left that topic alone, so no jokes about people not getting their shit together, please.

oh fuck it, joke away... i mean, i do (and so does everyone else at my expense). but hey, a good attention-whore knows that everything's cool just as long as they spell his or her name right. *preens* anyway, from the second i bopped into the Golden Lion last night, i knew i was in the right place cause i freaked when i saw not one, but two beautiful puppy dogs. *whispers* i actually squealed but don't tell anyone; i wouldn't wanna ruin my way cool image. so whilst the band went through their soundcheck, i plopped my ass down and began with my usual pushy American 'yo d00ds, i have this way heavy doggy envy, do you mind?' and began petting and hugging the gorgeous Hendrix whilst Rawson and Hendrix's daddy Alec fawned all over my American accent. it was actually kinda like a circle jerk, but without the sex. *gazes off*

then they pointed out a teeny tiny liddle ball of fur in the arms of this white Rasta couple and Hendrix who was on my lap and slobbering all over my trousers leant over cause he'd been staring at teh total cute for the last hour or so. i ended up making friends with Rasta chick, talked doggy with her and her husband, fawned over their widdy four month old baby boy (who thankfully was sleeping or else i'd have made a bigger fool of myself than i did). thing of it is, for a liddle while, i was practically in heaven — in my head — (and without any drugs, amazing) cause i forgot about all the seriousity going on in my life ATM.

ahhhh... doggies. i'd put em on a par with Valiums as far as lightening me up goes, but hey. anyway, back to last night the nine-piece Mango Factory had a special guest star, an Australian girl called Lisa Cherian:

she's been here in the UK for the last seven years and plays the shit outta these hugeass congas (not shown above) going from band to band every night in a freelance kinda way. i could almost see Sir Eddie Real'knighted by the Queen of England' — of the Alabama 3 and Lisa doing a 'duelling congas' thing onstage and i totally can't wait; what a showstopper that shit would be. moving right along, here's my friend John, the sax player (one of the few i know in meatspace and neither through Alabama 3 nor the Internets).

the caption on his Facebook Meet The Band page reads: 'Sax Player extraordinaire ... introducing Mr John Pratt. Not sure who the idiot with the glasses is, though...'

yeah, they call him Mr and we call him Aussie John. :-) here's their bassist, Rich:

yes i know! YUM! *siiiiigh* whoa, almost forgot i was this old-type person for a coupla minutes. *weeps* they have two lead singers. here's Ben the he-vocals:

and i'm waiting on a better, bigger photo of the beautiful Aimee (the she-vocals). it's weird in a way, that my two fave bands are not only nine-piece but they mix their genres so seamlessly and turn whatever into their own unique music. Mango Factory 'rampage across genres not caring where they put their feet. Their music showcases each of the band members' musicality, but more important is the overall sound — a great big melting pot of funky jazzy Latin-y madness...'

they've changed their line-up since the last time we saw em and it's way more intense than the tunes they've uploaded to their mySpaz. please check the player on afore-linked page to get a little taste of what they're about (that's the old, way less intense line-up). my personal fave on that page is sump'n called Hot Canary Yellow. anyway, back to last night, after they played not the first half hour, the place was packed and we were dancing our asses off. of course, John's adorable wife (the 3rd person i met in Bristol in meatspace and not through the band or on the 'Net), Meagan and i had to begin to break the ice or whatever, but once we did, whoa... look fucking OUT. :-)

moving right along along again again, here's Mango Factory who just got on Twitter. if you dug what you heard on their mySpaz player and you're on Twitter, please follow them down. i love their bio: 'if you ain't happy, you ain't listening to enough Coltrane'.

right, three more things before i take off: my liddle sister ran one of the annual NYC Marathons today but (in her own words):

'...because it was so unexpectedly hot today, they turned it into a "fun run" which means we weren't timed (which sucked AND which made our chips invalid). I guess they didn't want people passing out, etc. or they didn't want to run out of water and Gatorade...'

LOL, 'unexpectedly', my ass. *smirk* 'a fun run'. *points and laughs* not at my sister but at the pussies in Central Park who didn't wanna get sued, were too stupid too foresee this: what's sociologically termed 'an unforeseen consequence'. *snigger* thing of it is, i actually foresaw this cause i'm a Meteorology freak so i check the weather every day in cities wherever my friends live, those with whom i talk online or on phone or txt or mail on a regular basis. i've only got NYC and Bristol on my Dashboard but on my iPod there's Tokyo, Kiev, Ankara, Prague, Teemu's town in Finland, Rome, Berlin, Bonn, London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Bristol, NYC, Miami Beach, Rochelle IL, Chicago, Plano TX, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Seattle and for the last few weeks, i've added the town where Christine's staying down in New Zealand.

bloody hell, it was 32C in Manhattan today (toldja so! toldja so!). thing of it is, i mentioned the possibility of this shit to my sister as one of my endless 'what if's' last week. so they bent the fuckin rules today and whoa, She. Is. Pissed in a continuation of her above, something which my better judgment told me to delete from here cause the wrong people sometimes read this (her colleagues, duh!) and they'd kill each other (and themselves and her) to keep their jobs. better yet, take someone else's and all she'd need is one young upwardly mobile prick reading her shit here.

then the filthy NYC wheels'd begin to turn in their vowel-state heads (cause that's where most of them come from) and i could just see her getting stabbed in the back by some utter cunt... some Cute Young Thing she'd mentored, especially in the current economic climate of duh-pession. why the duh? cause we all saw it coming back at the beginning of bu$hCo. well alla US apart from the people who could actually do sump'n about it but they all got off scot-free. grrrr... i so don't wanna go back to talking pols. i WON'T do it. *stamps cloven hoof*

back to my sister, i mean, hey, heavy duty advertising in NYC is her thing and she and her colleagues are like the 21st century's answers to Gordon Gekko if he were in advertising, FFS! LOL, the thought of Michael Douglas (and my sister) as cut-throat ad execs (like the VP of Creative / Giordana Gekko she is) speeding their brains out in that particularly snarky NYC way whilst hanging on to their jobs by any means necessary... growling from the doorways of their lavish offices at all their ambitious underlings working in the cube farm in front of them, snarling like insecure starving dogs, ready to rip your throat open, shit down your neck and then get you fired... i mean, it's happened before (she could tell you stories). sorry, but LMAO!

right, today's exactly six years since the day that changed my and Chris' lives for EVar, six years since we flew in from Bonn, saw the band and best of all, met those losers in Manchester at United Against Racism, all to whom we talk but don't see enough and some of whom are still are closest friends today, so yay for us cause we all fucking rock. :-)

*cough* last but certainly not least, i gotta say (because i have to not cause i wanna) a very happy but belated birthday to Ifor the Engine. now this is the kinda thing that really pisses me off: Mrs Ifor had the total audacity to think it a brilliant idea to send me unrequested photos of her glorious new way skull-y boots.

why? cause she digs seeing me writhing with envy, of course. grrrrr... hmmpf. ;-) anyway, we'll all see you and Sarah next weekend, Rich dude — and yer both gonna geddit but good. happy biiiirthday. *evil* :-)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Monday, 20 April 2009

it begins

gorgeous, huh? they're 2009's first cherry blossoms round the corner down Lower Clifton Hill completely covering the facade of ex-monastery Stoneleigh House.

but AFAIC, it's reverse-SAD time. '...About 5 percent of adult Americans are thought to have winter seasonal affective disorder; researchers estimate that fewer than 1 percent have its summer variant. Because it is a fairly esoteric condition whose origins are unknown, many people who become depressed in the summer may not realize they have SAD. They may simply think of their bouts of depression as new events rather than parts of a pattern...'

had enough yet? shit, i have. whether it's Winter or Summer, it's all teh suck and there's no relief on the horizon unless there's a damn good reason for the adrenaline to get me going, so ideally i'll end up like him:

there's gotta be sump'n good to which to look forward but i ain't holding my breath these days cause Reasons To Be Cheerful grow less and less as the days drag on. as some shrink once told me, it's a wonder i can even put on the guise of normality with all the shit that's wrong in my head, but he knew i'd had a lifetime of practise beginning as a child, but enough about that. the cold hard facts:

'...As with depression generally, more women than men appear to suffer from this condition, at a ratio some estimates put as high as two to one'.

*mirthless laughter* and that's my cue: 'I enjoy being a girrrrllll...' :-(

'It is most common among women in their reproductive years, but its onset sometimes comes as early as childhood'.

O RLY? tell me about it. }-(

'Researchers think it may also have a genetic component; more than two-thirds of patients with SAD have a relative with a major mood disorder'.

right on schedule, here's my mother sending the usual mixed signals:

and it's always gone hand-in-hand with declarations meaning 'You're a worthless bum but you're special cause you're my worthless bum'. um... yeah, right, Mom. anyway back to the article:

'The symptoms of the two forms of the disorder often vary, heightening the confusion. People with the more common variety typically feel lethargic in the colder months, crave carbohydrates, gain weight and sleep excessively'.

i feel lethargic 24/7 day in and day out, always crave carbs, don't have the weight thing but sleep excessively? IF FUCKIN' ONLY! here's my Impossible Dream:

'Those afflicted during the summer often experience agitation, loss of appetite, insomnia and, in extreme cases, increased suicidal fantasies...'

whoa, it's like they rilly know me or sump'n, but LOL, if they were only Photoshopped famtasies.

Hunter's got the right idea cause he's got the self-esteem, common sense and grace i totally lack:

easy for him to say. LOL, if Peter was like loving sweet honey, Hunter's like rubbing salt into wounds. fuck, i need a minder or sump'n. oh good — i blew enough time over here to be heading down the home stretch with fresh eyes, like. *fills pipe yet again* *thwoop!* :-)

right, almost forgot. today's Hitler's birthday and we all know what that shit means. nine fuckin' years... absolutely incredible, totally amazing and all those other breathless adjectives i don't wanna think about in any other way but The Adventure which, in truth, still continues, just not in the way one would've assumed. but hey, for once i'm not ri-moaning cause i'm here. what did Shivering Jemmy of the Shallow Brigade say at the end of Neil Gaiman's Season of Mists? sump'n like 'Thank you for inviting me to your party, Mr Dreamy. I had a really good time'. *grins*

*kiss* :-)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Friday, 17 April 2009

seeing the future & it hurts

anyone who's been able to hold his/her nose long enough to like, actually read me over the last few years — whether here or at — will attest i'm a textbook case study of anhedonia and to make matters worse, if there's nothing on the horizon to which i can look forward, i'm totally fucked and not proper fucked — hah!

right, i'm tawkin emotionally fucked, which if one cares to parse or better yet, put on that Jacques Derrida hat from the costume (y'know, the one hiding in your closet, the one you got yerself as a smarmy Lit major at Uni but still haven't gotten the stones to wear)... shit, i'm totally losted. anyway, if you do a Derrida and deconstruct your head off, digging through the morass of the messy verbal trail i've left behind over the last five-plus years, you'll end up learning — in so many cases — 'I see the future and it hurts'.

BTW, when Googling the quote and coming up with nought, something jogged my memory; i think i remember i stoled it off Mr Spragg lo these many years ago. remember: though he put me on M.O.R, Alabama 3's last studio album, Larry hates me whilst Rob and i get along just fine. then again, he'll never see this and if he does, i know him well enough to know he'll never admit it. then then then again, his lovely wife Samantha reads me but she and i have an understanding of sorts: i bow 'down' *snigger* oopsy, what was i saying again? right, i kindalike — shit! how did that get out? anyway, what i'm trying t'say is, i bow down at the altar of Mrs Larry Love and she like, tolerates meh. ;-)

which reminds me: in all seriousity, the most heartfelt congratulations and love to Mr and Mrs Larry Love of the Alabama 3 for spawning a second Liddle Love, a son called Hank. whoa, would i love to be a fly on the wall the day that his 9 years older sister Nansi — LOL, never mind. hey, look over there!:

why can't i find a photo with both Rob and Sam in it that i didn't take myself? WTF? anyway, here's Sam onstage a few months back when she was about 4 months preggers in her stage persona as Gypsy Jones.

and here's Larry as he looked the last time i saw him at Dirty South.

that's another thing i've always loved about this band: the Very Reverend D Wayne Love and the Reverend Larry Love: the two Best. Front. Men. EVar are always changing their appearances.

*obligatory* long live the Alabama 3! wait, where is this train going, again? dunno, don't care but i'm compelled to write something so maybe, just maybe, the fucking goddamned Valiums i took just now will work more betterer than the one i dropped earlier at 19,00 did — gave me three stinking hours of blissful sleep and now i'm UP and verily pissed. BTW, that's pissed as in pissed off and not the British 'pissed' as in drunk.

hey... thass not a bad idea. i should drink mahself to sleep. *glug glug* just trying to saturate even more braincells with booze to write mahself to beddy-bye so i can deal with the utter cunts from whom i ended up with four new cellphones and this is supposed to happen early tomorrow morning. wait — got a shitload o' Skunk and hash et al. *thwoop!* ahhhhh... i'm SO ripped and best of all, i am get-ting slee-eee-pyyyyyy...

'Svengali...I love you...'

errr... the Svengali bit's only my filmic Tourette's rising to the occasion. sorrr-rreee! *whispers* not really! :-) oh wait, here comes the ADD: for some strange reason, a Twitter trend with which i never bother brought me like twenty plus new followers today. whoa, are they gonna be disappointed and/or fuckin' angry (i hope both, actually) and drop me ASAP... i mean, who knew there were so many trainwreck-watchers and/or nuts out there? *snigger*

moving right along, here's Disco 2029 (which'll be taken down ASAP) an oldie but goody from the early 2000s stoled outta Alabama 3's vasty back catalogue. listen for Larry at 2,57 for my point. um, the one i think i had when i began this post but now i'm too seepy to see if it makes sense. fuck it. right, happy weekend and peace out, yo.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Thursday, 16 April 2009

state of the slum(p) VIII

i twat the above about three hours back (stoled from ronald raygun's rethug speech 'writer' peggy noonan).

and here's meh a coupla minutes ago. hah! proof i DO have self-control of a sort. i managed to keep my insides intact until the very second after Chris took off. hahaha, he'll NEVER know how ill i've really been after we saw Nashville Pussy the other night.

oh... wait. *giggle* hey, Chris. :-)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

who wants PUSSY?

'When it comes to the sleaziest, trashiest, most extreme end of the rock & roll spectrum, sometimes the truth hurts. And Nashville Pussy frontman Blaine Cartwright is more than willing to spread the pain around, judging from what he has to say about his band's new album Say Something Nasty: "It's our best one yet, and we're gonna shove it up America's ass!"...'

that was written a coupla years back but it still holds true today apart from their new album's called From Hell to Texas. we got tickets for this like an age ago and last night was The Night but i was still ill from the weekend so we actually took taxis to and from the Thekla in Bristol. ill or not, it goes without saying that i did a bit too much coke which precluded my usual drink-till-i-puke — the sure sign i had a fabaroo time at whatever gig. anyway, we were right up front getting the Compleat Heavy Metal Blast but unfortunately, since i STILL haven't decided on which of my now 4 Brit phones to use, i didn't take any photos so all pics stoled from Nashville Pussy's Official Site.

how was the show? well, any show that begins by using Quentin Tarantino's words outta From Dusk Till Dawn:

'All right, pussy, pussy, pussy! Come on in pussy lovers! Here at the Titty Twister we're slashing pussy in half! Give us an offer on our vast selection of pussy, this is a pussy blow out! All right, we got white pussy, black pussy, Spanish pussy, yellow pussy, we got hot pussy, cold pussy, we got wet pussy, we got [sniffs] smelly pussy, we got hairy pussy, bloody pussy, we got snappin' pussy, we got silk pussy, velvet pussy, Naugahyde pussy, we even got horse pussy, dog pussy, chicken pussy! Come on, you want pussy, come on in, pussy lovers! If we don't got it, you don't want it! Come on in, pussy lovers!'

is IMO, two words: FUCKIN-A. OK, one word, whatever. anyway, i'm not gay but i totally fell in love with lead screaming guitarist, Ruyter Suys and told her so about a half minute after she got off her back spreadeagled onstage playing her liddle heart out.

not only did she have her licks down good as (fuck that: better than) most any guitarist dude i know but at one point i kinda mused aloud that not only would she make horse-shit outta Stevie Nicked, she'd totally out-Rock Freebase. dirty looks from one in our company ensued but we won't go there now. moving right along, naturally, to be contrary, Chris fell in love with Karen, the bassist.

unfortunately, none of the music showcased on the player at left of any page of their above-linked site shows off Ruys' chops, booooo and bah. AFAIC, it almost makes em sound like 'happy music'. oy. embarrassing. *rolls eyes*

these: Piece of Ass and I'm The Man are about the only Nashville Pussy music i've got in my iTunes that halfassedly shows the down and dirty style i've come to love em for over the years but it's like old music now. BTW, they'll be taken down ASAP cause according to last month's stats, The Chinese have found my mp3s and overloaded the bandwidth at, so if y'all dig them, snag em whilst you can (R-click and Save) before they're deleted.

note to Chinese 'bots that've been trawling the 'Net and fucking stealing my bandwidth: i've got nothing against the Chinese in general but GET YER OWN FUCKIN' MUSIC. the Japanese have. sheesh!

moving right along, for some wack reason, NP opened for the Supersuckers (WTF?) whose only tune i wanted to hear was Whiskey River but we knew they wouldn't do it so we took off, came home and stupidly got high(er) so much so, we were up till 04,00 watching films instead of sleeping.

as they say, 'a very good time was had by all'. *snigger*

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Friday, 10 April 2009

found in my phone

long story as short as i can: the last time i used my beloved silver Razr was at Dragnim's birthday party in the Garden of Albert, last day of august (i think) 2007. a friend gifted me with it the year before — oh Daaaa-ave, i'm tawkin 'bout youuu. :-) anyway, during the totally fabaroo party, someone spilt a drink on the table and my Razr got wet and quit working on the spot (i was too doped up to be drinking that night so it wasn't my glass, actually). now i ain't pointing fingers here but let's just say 'easy come, easy go' and leave it at that. *snigger*

since y'all have to have a cellphone in London, the next day i bought a black Razr (cause Carphone Warehouse didn't have silver). and as we all know (cause i won't STFU about it), that got stoled at Dirty South a few weekends back. after Darren, Maxine and i got kicked out of our hotel and even before we had breakfast next morning (soz, dudes), we went straight to the nearest CW where i stupidly bought a Nokia which turned out to have a nightmare of a GUI amongst other senseless shite. out of a combination of desperation and frustration, when i got back to Bristol, i got a top-notch Samsung. this too turned out to be a piecashit on the same level of UnUsability as the Nokia (example: click four screens to read a text? no reordering of icons? six clicks to get to the fucking camera? gimme a break).

anyhoo, a few hours ago i decided to take a liddle break from work and started fucking about with my now-four cellphones (well, five counting the German one). anyway, i took out the chargers and my old silver & blue Motorola (Summer '04), the two new piecasashit and my beloved though water-logged silver Razr from Dave (Autumn '06). having nothing better to do than get back to work, i tried charging the water-damaged Razr and lo and behold, it actually lit up. then i raced down to Vodafone, told my story walking and after checking everything out, they said all was cool.

when i got home, i found some photos i took at Mikey's party right before my phone got fucked, photos i'd never seen before. i won't post the good ones (drunken friends flying on MDMA and acid doing dumbass yet hilarious things) but here's a dark, moody study of a pensive Dragnim (prolly bemoaning his fate and the maturity that's sure to come when one reaches 30). well, for most people.

number 11 in a series! collect 'em all! Rock Freebase bestowing kisses on the Birthday Boy.

nb: click both above for bigiousity detail. and to all Statesiders: it's not a gay thing and even if it were, who cares? truth is, British men seem to have a proclivity for kissing other men and despite most Americans' presuppositions, it don't mean a damn thing. BTW, i took the first photo above when dragged along on a *puke* pub-crawl and had a fit (one of the good ones) outside the Dali museum on the Thames. yep, that's Big Ben. :-)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Thursday, 9 April 2009

thought for the day

yup, iz stawree of mai lief, akshually. in other news, i'm halfway through editing my last coupla jobs whilst cleaning up the shitpit my flat's become, all cause Pam's visiting tomorrow and i wouldn't want ANYone thinking i'm a slob.

*OINK!* tee-hee. ;-) oh wow, the last time i went 'oink' was in the non-fiction (in R-hand column) called My Rape (Part 2's here). LOL, just sayin'.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

forbidden territory

too true, too true but i got away lucky cause unlike Lot's Wife, i've not changed into a pillar of salt. the thing of it is, last night i willingly (and stupidly) acted in direct opposition to one of my personal roolz: i looked back. even worse, it wasn't a cursory glance: thanks to the Internet Wayback Machine, i actually blew an hour or so reading the writty attached to various bare bones of the place i called Dateline: Bristol.

*whispers* i haven't the courage to link but it's the last one down under Reservoir Dogs. um... what i'm trying to say is, if i link, i'll get lost reading again and ultimately end up totally bummed, like last night but worse (especially after i found The Drunken Trollup in my files).

after a while Hunter heard me sobbing, took his sweet time looking up (appearing bored) and finally tore himself away from this fascinating bit of string i threw at him earlier on. then he jumped up and gave me a look which i read thusly:

uh, thanks little dude... you're a real comfort. here i am sitting virtually naked and weeping before you. *to self* but he's never seen me without the facade of my nasty attitude firmly in place. there are many reasons for that, the least of which has to do with the fact he's totally not the boss of me. shit! did i say that out loud? guess not; he's cool.

OK, my archives are deemed forbidden territory to remind me that pain, remorse, regret and the inevitable deeper depression are bound to result if i dare look back.

but did i listen? do i ever listen? have i ever learnt my lesson? *weeps* not bloody likely cause neither do i listen to others — even those wiser than me (i.e., everyone) — nor did i ever listen to myself and at this stage of the game, well... self-sabotage, anyone? hey! look over there — i'm hmmm-ing. :-)

hmmm... if there's an upside to looking back; it's cause i'll ingest even more booze and extra-legal stuff into my overloaded system in order to calm me down... y'know, like to take the edge off. *cough* an' thass mah stawree an' ah'm stickin' to it, Ossifer. *hic!*

editor's note: credit where it's due so thanks to DOOMbudgies for above LOL. fun-fact: i added a little note to my NHS Donor Card stating not to waste time with my liver. anyway, amongst my reading last night, i found this Letter to the Editor, a classic example of the marriage of promo and deviousity; sump'n with the likes of which we planned to seed meatspace newspapers as part of our brilliant but now-abandoned master plan to focus attention on the band. fun-fact: this was written in reply to Love God's Way/God Hates Fags.

SUBJECT: Alabama 3 (A3 in the United States):

Apart from voluminous drug references, this band has a song called “Hypo Full of Love” which includes the lyric “loving mens, loving women, loving all God’s creatures”. Naturally, I’ve not listened to the song recently but when I heard it at a (now thankfully saved) friend’s home it was blatantly obvious the lyric did not refer to the saving love of the Lord Jesus Christ, but to fornication.

Indeed, I have it on good authority that this song is one of the “highlights” of an appallingly debased live show in which the band mocks Christ and faith in general, celebrates promiscuous and unnatural sex and promotes drug use.

I don’t believe Alabama 3 have much of a following in the United States — no doubt owing to the hard work of Christians like yourself and having a man of faith in the White House. However, they have a sizeable and vocal cult following here in the United Kingdom and deserve to be castigated for the perverts they are.

Thank and bless you for the work you are doing.

Yours in Christ…’

*snigger* pure brilliance! *admiring* BTW, feel free to copy and paste above message and send it off to the British newspaper of your choice in whichever town the band's gonna play. the above letter actually garnered a couple of comments, one of them being:

'How cool would it be to get the opening night of the next tour picketed by a mob of bible-thumpers?'

if only! when this was broached on the Forum, i posted to volunteer to dye my hair back to brown and dress as a straight-laced religious nut and show up to demonstrate against the band outside whichever gig with signs and shit but no one else picked up on it. *cough* iz stawree of mai lief, akshually (sorry. not really, cause i'm totally used to it). whoa, just checked the time and i'm so outta here, hoorah! but before i split, i found this next a few weeks ago and i wanna share.

WANT. and not only do i wannem, i totally needem. *fires up Word Counter* hah! i'm just a bit under my daily quota so i shall bid y'all farewell and hope your day's going better than mine has. well, in all truth, i lie cause i'm way ahead of my deadline, high as fuckall and blasting music whilst breezing through my work (completely convinced it's cause i'm already quite familiar with the subject matter). my only ri-moan? i'm (so far) unsuccessfully waiting for the chapter on the criminally insane in this Abnormal Psych book i'm helping put together and i don't wait good. *taps cloven hoof* but hey, here's hoping the criminally insane are only a chapter or two away. *clink!*

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Monday, 6 April 2009

Sherlock & AQ

nuh-uh, i'm totally not kidding cause i can watch out most any window for hours and have on two continents and one political construct. *proudtard* fun-fact: the places from which i've watched begin with a 'B': Brooklyn, Bonn and Bristol.

that is, i can watch Kitty TV as long as the view doesn't offend my AQ (Aesthetic Quotient). right, don't bother Googling cause it'll get you no where. AQ — at least, the way i was taught it — is sump'n with which one's born, as Sherlock would go on to us on whatever of his countless speed binges. he was this older Beatnik-type dude who was going for his doctorate at NYU and after years of research and experimentation, claimed it was yet another still undiscovered, unrecognised facet of one's personality and ultimately, their future happiness.

anyway, our core group had been tight with him for ages, since i was like 14 or so. we actually thought we'd be BFF, then... *memory lane time* we were a crew in perfect tune with each other especially politically and extra-legally but a casual observer saw a scarey range of freaks or whatever from impeccably dressed angry looking Dedicated Followers of Fashion (whom we dissed mercilessly and called 'The Mod Squad' to their faces even though most were working musicians) to those of us in black drainpipes (*cough* 'We beleef in nossing!' *cough*) to the one Uni Student from Central Casting (that was Sherlock and he was never in anything but a cheap suit and tie and never without a huge stack of books under one arm).

and being of the time, there were some hippie types amongst us including a breathtakingly gorgeous Model of the Moment who chose to appear like Flower Child when not at work. *rolls eyes* but we excused em for their love 'n' peace shite and let em hang out with us since everything else about them was like... we like, y'know... we like all grooved to the same vibe, y'know? *snigger* we were All As One, y'know... universally, d00d. LOL, i guess you hadda be there (and thank your lucky stars you weren't).

ADD break: on saturday nights we'd meet at Times Square and Lex and train it out on the No. 7 line to the last stop: Main Street, Flushing. after they loaded up with the Bridge & Tunnel crowd, all eager to visit 'The Big Apple' (and actually had the moronacy to call it that), we'd take off back to the City and at a previously designated time, with Gorgeous Half-Naked Model Chick in the lead, we'd silently parade through the entire train and back, unsmiling and doing nothing but walking by and scaring the shit outta the gaping tourists on their big night out. the entire spectacle was Sherlock's idea as part of his study on Shock Value... another one of the experiments he so avidly chronicled. hmmpf... pity we never asked his real name. maybe he's dead?

back to his Aesthetic Quotient: at one point, we were administered a 750 word multiple-choice questionnaire to which values had been assigned to each of the possible answers. i remember this was on a sweltering day in a huge room at NYU Law School (she said, dreamily), when it was on the Southern side of Washington Square Park. still might be, actually. *shrugs*

*snaps to* after all his research was in, Sherlock concluded when a person's AQ is higher than their IQ, Big Trouble was sure to be lying ahead. *cough* AFAIC, he was totally spot-on. he did warn me, actually... that was the last time i ran into him.

hey, look over there: it's Denial! dig: i finally got my old pre-RazR Motorola phone sync'd to my Mac. this never happened before, even after the best techie minds of my generation — i mean, with whom i'm acquainted took more than one or two stabs at it a few years ago. but it was all for nought — total FAIL along with my own shite pics from today, shite cause everything's dark. notice blase attitude.

hmmm... sump'n's definitely not right (apart from myself) cause in yet another try, i lit up the kitchen as much as i could and all i got was this bit of my magnet board (not to be confused with my two kitchen bulletin boards).

then i attempted to capture one of my all-time fave photos, framed in the kitchen.

then as a further test, i moved to the LR and shot one of my overloaded bookshelves with the sun blazing on it.

hmmpf... i see yet another phone in my future and I. Don't. £ike. It. moving right along, in other news, though it's difficult to tell, i'm actually in a very good (and drug-free) mood. i find this amazing but know better than to even wish it'd last.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Sunday, 5 April 2009

sunday AM coming down

'Shaddup, Hugh'. *whispers* in truth, i did but it totally gnawed at my way too-high AQ so i figured i'd quote the Cash title and that'd be that. anyway, this's what i call a 'nothing' post, one of the quickest things i know how to toss off without really trying. now on to the important stuff.

suffice it to say, above's aimed straight at the dude for whom i proofread and edit and if i'd been the one who made it, i would've added 'grrrr...' or 'goddammit' or even 'cocksucker' at the end. i could go on — so much further on — in an endless ri-moan on this in particular, but really, why bother?

on to the third, it's a message to those whom, despite the last few hours of my pounding at the 'board here, are still strewn unconscious on my LR floor.

naturally, 'damage' is in the mind of the beholder. in other news, 'Sonny' (if that's your real name) sent me this yesterday and asked for a caption, so here y'go, dude (notice me not apologise for the semi-stoled words to which i added the 'geddit' and did other stuff).

*cough* time to move on. OK, this's last in a longass series riffing off a quote by my favorite junkie, William S Burroughs, specifically his 'A Word To The Wise Guy':

to be honest, i stoled the first bit from Larry Love but he'll never know it and if he does, i'm sure he won't mind. hmmm... it seems the hallucinations have finally stopped (including my total faves: the hieroglyphics running round the mouldings under the ceilings). this saddens me and when i'm saddened, there's only one thing to do: shout WAKE UP! and get everyone the hell outta here so i can be alone again.

shit... why do i feel guilty? i mean, hey, they were warned before we even got here but dunno if they believed me... hmmm, that didn't occur last night. fuck it: if they didn't believe me then, *sings* they sure do no-owwww... ;-) in all actuallity, i'm not that heartless a deity or whatever: there's shit from the bakery and a pot of freshly brewed coffee in the kitchen and the aroma's wafting through the flat, just waiting for the first bleary eye to fly open. this'll be in in a couple minutes cause The 1812 Overture's about to begin. and when people wake up here, that's when i revert to servant mode. fun-fact (to be filed under 'strange but true'): 'servant mode's sump'n i don't mind at all, as long as i'm dealing with friends.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *